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Ace Your Style on the Court with Eleven 10 Women’s Flutter Tennis Skirt

Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt

What happens when you mix timeless elegance with high-performance functionality? You get the Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt! Designed by Venus Williams herself, this skirt doesn't just promise to elevate your style on the court but also provide top-notch comfort and performance. But does it really deliver the perfect blend of fashion and function? Let's dive in and find out if this skirt is a grand slam or a let!


    Love at First Serve: The Initial Impact

    Upon first glance, the Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt impresses with its classic yet chic design. The crisp pleats add a touch of sophistication, while the double-layered compression waistband promises a flattering fit. The inclusion of built-in mid-compression shorts with side pockets is not just convenient but also practical for storing tennis essentials. However, some may find the absence of pleats at the back a minor downside. Overall, the skirt's initial impression is that of a stylish and functional piece of sportswear.

    Double-Layered Compression Waistband

    The double-layered compression waistband of the Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt stands out for providing both support and a sleek look. It not only accentuates your waist but also ensures a comfortable fit throughout your game, allowing you to move freely without any adjustments.

    Sustainable Fabric

    Made from Repreve polyester, which is crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this skirt is a sustainable choice for eco-conscious athletes. Beyond just style and performance, the skirt also makes a positive impact on the environment, ticking the boxes for both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly sportswear.

    Moisture-Wicking and UPF 50+

    The moisture-wicking fabric with 4-way stretch ensures that you stay dry and comfortable even during intense matches. Additionally, the UPF 50+ rating provides excellent sun protection, making it ideal for outdoor tennis sessions. With these features, this skirt is designed to enhance your performance while keeping you stylish and protected.

    For the Stylish and Active Tennis Enthusiasts

    The Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt is tailored for tennis players who value both style and performance on the court. Ideal for those who seek a blend of fashion-forward designs and functional sportswear, this skirt caters to women who want to make a statement while playing their favorite sport. However, individuals who prioritize pleats at the back of their skirts may find this design less appealing.

    Voices of the Court: Customer Experiences

    According to user reviews, customers rave about the fit and quality of the Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt. Many appreciate the flattering design and durability, with some users even claiming that the skirt looks as good as new after years of wear. While some wish for pleats at the back of the skirt, the overall feedback highlights the comfort, style, and performance of this tennis apparel.


    • Stylish design with crisp pleats
    • Double-layered compression waistband for a flattering fit
    • Built-in mid-compression shorts with side pockets for convenience
    • Made from recycled plastic bottles for sustainable fashion
    • Moisture-wicking fabric with 4-way stretch and UPF 50+

    Possible Downsides:

    • Slightly pricey compared to other options on the market
    • Some users may prefer pleats at the back as well for a different look

    Our Verdict

    Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt gets a rating of 5 out of 5.

    Game, set, match for your wardrobe! If you're a tennis enthusiast who values both style and functionality, the Eleven 10 Women's Flutter Tennis Skirt is a winning choice. While it may come at a slightly higher price point, the sustainable fabric, flattering fit, and performance features make it a solid investment for your athletic attire.

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