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Unveiling the Enthralling World of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

June 3, 2024
Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set

Step right up and prepare to be mesmerized by the Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set, comprising the thrilling books 'Six of Crows' and 'Crooked Kingdom'. Dive into a world filled with mystery, action, and complex characters, crafted by the talented author Leigh Bardugo. But, does this set truly live up to its high praise? Let's journey together to uncover the truth behind this acclaimed series.


    A Captivating First Encounter

    Upon first laying eyes on the Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set, its intricate cover art and sturdy construction immediately exude a sense of quality and attention to detail. The seamless blend of beauty and substance sets the stage for the gripping tales that await inside. As you open the pages, you're instantly drawn into a world that promises intrigue, adventure, and deep emotional connections with the characters.

    Engaging Characters

    One of the standout features of this boxed set is the cast of characters crafted with depth and authenticity. From the enigmatic Kaz Brekker to the resilient Inej and the charming Jesper, each character brings a unique perspective and skill set to the narrative. Readers are sure to form strong bonds with these characters, rooting for them through every twist and turn of their journey.

    Intriguing World-Building

    Leigh Bardugo's world-building skills shine in these books, painting a vivid and immersive backdrop for the characters' adventures. The gritty and dark setting of Ketterdam, filled with its own rules and dangers, adds layers of complexity to the story. The attention to detail in creating a believable and engaging world enhances the overall reading experience, making it feel both familiar and fantastical.

    Complex and Twisting Plot

    The duology's plot is a masterpiece of intricacy, weaving together multiple storylines that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Unexpected twists and turns abound, with each chapter unraveling a new layer of mystery and suspense. Bardugo's skillful storytelling ensures that the plot remains engaging and unpredictable, leaving readers eager to uncover the next revelation.

    Who Should Embark on this Journey?

    The Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set is perfect for fans of young adult fantasy novels who crave intricate plots, well-developed characters, and immersive world-building. Readers who enjoy stories with diverse and morally grey characters facing high-stakes challenges will find this set particularly compelling. However, those who prefer straightforward narratives or lighter themes may not fully appreciate the dark and intense nature of these books.

    Echoes from Fellow Readers

    Reviews from readers resonate with praises for the captivating storytelling, complex characters, and emotional depth of the Six of Crows Duology. Many laud Bardugo's ability to create a world that lingers in the mind, long after the final page is turned. While some minor issues like packaging quality have been mentioned, the overwhelming sentiment is one of admiration and eagerness for more from this talented author.


    • Engaging and well-developed characters
    • Intriguing world-building
    • Complex storyline with unexpected twists and turns

    Possible Downsides:

    • May require reading the Grisha Trilogy first for better understanding

    Our Verdict

    Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

    For readers seeking a thrilling and immersive fantasy experience, the Six of Crows Duology Boxed Set is a must-have. Dive into the gripping world of Kaz and his crew, filled with twists and turns that will keep you hooked from start to finish. If intricate plots and morally complex characters are your cup of tea, don't hesitate to add this set to your collection.

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