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Clear Ice Magic: Newair Countertop Ice Maker Review

Newair Clear Ice Maker

Are you tired of watered-down drinks with fast-melting, cloudy ice cubes? Enter the Newair Clear Ice Maker, promising to elevate your cocktail experience with crystal-clear ice cubes that melt slower and taste better. But is this compact ice maker really a game-changer for your home bar or kitchen? Join me as we delve into the world of clear ice magic and uncover if it's truly as refreshing as it claims to be!


    First Freeze: Unveiling the Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker

    Upon unboxing the Newair Clear Ice Maker, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design and compact size, fitting seamlessly on my kitchen counter. The extra-thick insulation hinted at long-lasting coldness, and the two-button operation seemed user-friendly. The promise of crystal-clear ice in under 15 minutes had me intrigued, but I also noted concerns about potential cleaning due to the water recycling system.

    Ice Cold Insulation

    The Newair Clear Ice Maker boasts extra-thick insulation that keeps ice frozen for extended periods, ensuring your drinks stay cold without rapid melting. The innovative design allows melted ice to drain back for recycling, maintaining a constant supply of fresh cubes.

    Effortless Operation

    With a simple two-button interface, operating this ice maker is a breeze. Clear indicator lights guide you through the ice-making process, alerting you when it's time to add water or when your crystal-clear cubes are ready to enhance your favorite beverages.

    Portable Perfection

    Measuring just 11.4"D x 14.25"W x 13.88"H, the Newair Clear Ice Maker is a compact powerhouse suitable for any space. From kitchen countertops to office bars, its versatility shines, making it a convenient companion for those who value quality ice on demand.

    Who Should Embrace the Newair Clear Ice Magic?

    The Newair Clear Ice Maker is a gem for home mixologists and beverage enthusiasts seeking top-notch ice for their drinks. Ideal for those who appreciate slow-melting, fizz-free cubes to enhance their cocktails, this ice maker caters to individuals who value quality in every sip. However, users averse to consistent upkeep or meticulous cleaning routines might find the maintenance requirements challenging.

    User Verdict: Sifting Through Customer Experiences

    Customer reviews highlight the transformative power of crystal-clear ice on drink quality, with users praising the Newair Clear Ice Maker's ability to elevate their beverages. The machine's efficiency in producing large quantities of clear ice impresses many, though some express concerns about regular cleaning needs and occasional operational hiccups. Despite minor challenges, the consensus leans towards a positive user experience, especially for those prioritizing exceptional ice clarity and taste.


    • Produces crystal-clear ice that enhances the quality and taste of drinks
    • Generates ice cubes efficiently, making up to 40 pounds per day
    • Ultra-insulated storage area keeps ice colder for longer, minimizing melting
    • Simple two-button operation with clear indicator lights for ease of use
    • Compact and portable design perfect for various settings like kitchens, bars, and offices

    Possible Downsides:

    • Requires regular cleaning due to water recycling process over the ice tray
    • Ice may jam sensor occasionally, leading to blockages
    • Cleaning instructions could be clearer for maintenance
    • May need constant attention and cleaning to prevent slime build-up in the mechanism

    Our Verdict

    Newair Clear Ice Maker gets a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

    If you're a home bartender or drink connoisseur who values the quality of your beverages, the Newair Clear Ice Maker is a solid investment. However, be prepared for regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and immaculate ice quality over time.

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