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Effortless Laundry Days: LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine Review

28Lbs Portable Washing Machine

Are you tired of hauling your laundry to the laundromat or dealing with shared laundry facilities? The LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine might just be the solution you've been looking for! This compact and powerful washer spinner combo is designed for convenience and efficiency, perfect for small living spaces like apartments, RVs, and dorms. But does it live up to its promises? Let's dive in and find out if this portable washing machine is the laundry game-changer you need!


    Unveiling the Innovative Design of LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine

    Upon first glance, the LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine impresses with its compact and sleek design. The clear washer lid not only allows you to monitor the laundry process easily but also adds a modern touch to the appliance. The knob hidden design is a thoughtful feature, keeping the control panel clean and protected. The plastic material, while lightweight, raises questions about long-term durability compared to stainless steel models. However, the overall look and usability of the machine make a positive first impression.

    Compact & Portable Design

    The LOONGOSTAR washing machine's compact design makes it a perfect fit for small living spaces, including apartments, RVs, and dorm rooms. The plastic material prevents rusting and ensures longevity, while the clear washer lid adds a modern touch. The hidden knobs not only enhance the machine's aesthetics but also protect the controls from damage.

    Powerful Motor & Built-in Drain Pump

    With a 280W washing power and 140W spinning power, the LOONGOSTAR washing machine is equipped to handle the laundry needs of your entire family efficiently. The built-in drain pump simplifies the water drainage process, making post-wash cleanup a breeze. The powerful motor ensures thorough cleaning and spinning, saving you time and effort.

    Large Capacity & Twin Tub Washer

    The 18 lbs washing tub capacity and 10 lbs spinner dryer capacity make the LOONGOSTAR washing machine ideal for daily use. You can easily wash and dry a significant amount of laundry, including larger items like jeans and bedsheets. The twin tub design allows for independent use of the washing and drying functions, offering flexibility and convenience.

    Who Should Consider the LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine?

    The LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine is perfect for individuals living in small spaces like apartments, RVs, or dorms, where traditional laundry setups are impractical. It caters to those seeking a compact yet efficient laundry solution that doesn't compromise on performance. Busy students, professionals, or campers looking for a convenient way to do laundry without the hassle of large machines will benefit from this portable washer spinner combo. However, those with heavy-duty laundry needs or a preference for premium materials like stainless steel may find this model less suitable.

    User Experiences with LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine

    Customer reviews of the LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine praise its compact design, large capacity, and ease of use. Many users appreciate its portability and convenience, especially in small living spaces. The powerful motor and drain pump are highlighted for their effectiveness in cleaning and water drainage. While some users find the short washing and spinning times limiting, the overall consensus is positive, with users enjoying the flexibility of the twin tub washer.


    • Compact and portable design suitable for small spaces like dorms, apartments, RVs, and camping trips
    • Large capacity for daily use with 18 lbs washing tub and 10 lbs spinner dryer
    • Powerful motor and built-in drain pump for effective washing and easy water drainage
    • Knob hidden design for a sleek and easy-to-clean appearance
    • Timing function and 3 selection modes for customizable laundry cycles
    • Twin tub washer allows washing and drying functions to be used independently or simultaneously

    Possible Downsides:

    • Some users may find the 5-minute washing and spinning time limiting for heavily soiled clothes
    • Plastic material may not be as durable as stainless steel in the long run
    • Drain pump may require occasional maintenance to prevent clogs

    Our Verdict

    LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine gets a rating of 5 out of 5.

    For individuals living in small spaces like apartments, RVs, or dorms who seek a compact, efficient, and portable laundry solution, the LOONGOSTAR 28Lbs Portable Washing Machine is a great investment. Its large capacity, powerful motor, and user-friendly features make laundry days a breeze. However, those with heavy-duty laundry needs or concerns about long-term durability may want to explore other options.

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